Want an Incredible Lawn Without Major Upkeep Costs?

Improve your property with artificial turf installation services in Los Angeles, CA

Artificial turf is a fantastic option for property owners who want to avoid running up their water bill for a natural lawn. Irrigation & Fertilizer handles artificial turf installation for football stadiums, playgrounds, lawns and more in the Los Angeles, CA area. Our commercial artificial turf installer will walk you through the installation process and complete your job quickly.

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artificial turf installation los angeles ca

Our turf installation process

If you're interested in our artificial turf installation services, we're glad to explain our installation process. This process includes:

  • Taking a measurement of your space
  • Leveling and grading your land as needed
  • Rolling out your new artificial turf efficiently

We'll take the time to install your new turf correctly. Most installations only take four days, so you'll have a perfect lawn in no time. If you need a residential or commercial artificial turf installer, reach out to us today.